How to Select the Right PPE System – FR Fabric Evaluation…

Safety Threads LLC has reviewed and will continue to analyze the different leading FR Fabrics on the marketplace.

Our goal is to provide our customers with:

  • Safety Performance – Protection against electrical arc flash incidents – not just in labs but in real-life applications
  • Quality Consistency – Assurance that the FR fabrics will not only provide safety performance consistency, but deliver consistent quality in regards to fabric strength, shrinkage and fading to our high expectation levels
  • Home Laundering Compatibility – While it is highly recommended that FR fabric manufacturer’s home laundering instructions should be closely adhered (no bleach, no fabric softeners, etc…), we realize that there might be circumstances where this doesn’t occur in the strictest of compliance. Therefore, we will only sell those FR Fabrics that have been in large scale usage with years of proven performance track record in the FR Clothing electrical protection industry.
  • Technical Resources – FR Fabric Manufacturer must be able to provide active technical resources to support ongoing customer usage

In reviewing the above goals, it our present position that Safety Threads will only offer Westex® Ultrasoft® Flame Resistant Fabric and Westex® Indura® Flame Resistant Fabric.