NFPA 70E® – Three Primary Electrical Arc Flash Assessment Methods

Conduct a Detailed Arc Flash Analysis – This method utilizes the calculation methods detailed in NFPA 70E® Annex D Incident Energy and Flash Protection Boundary Calculation Methods and IEEE 1584 Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations. This is our recommended method for providing the most comprehensive and accurate Arc Flash Hazard Assessment to properly identify and label potential workplace arc flash hazards.

Assign Arc Flash Values – This method referenced NFPA 70E® Table 130.7(C)(9) Hazard/Risk Category Classifications. This is higher level approach that typically requires an on-staff electrical engineer to understand the tables and apply them to your individual workplace.

Annex H – Two Category Simplified Approach – Annex H provided a simplified two-category approach to arc flash hazard assessment and PPE specifications. Also, Industry experts will generally apply this PPE system to workplaces as a precautionary approach to ensure electrically safe workplace practices while one of the two aforementioned methods are being calculated.