NFPA 70E Annex Simplified Approach

H.1 Use of Simplified Approach. The use of Table H.1 is suggested as a simplified approach to provide minimum personal protective equipment for electrical workers within facilities with large and diverse electrical systems. The clothing listed in Table H.1 fulfills the minimum FR clothing requirements of Table 130.7(C)(9) and Table 130.7(C)(10). The clothing systems listed in this table should be used with the other PPE appropriate for the Hazard/Risk Category. [See Table 130.7(C) (10).] The notes at the bottom of Table 130.7(C) (9) must apply as shown in that table.


Applicable Tasks (b)

Everyday Work Clothing

FR long-sleeve shirt with FR pants (minimum arc rating of 8) or FR coveralls (minimum arc rating of 8)

All Hazard/Risk Category 1, 2 and 2* tasks listed in Table 130.7(C)(9)b

Arc Flash Suit

A total clothing system consisting of FR shirt and pants and/or FR coveralls and/or arc flash coat and pants (clothing system minimum arc rating of 40)

All Hazard/Risk Category 3 and 4 tasks listed in Table 130.7(C)(9)a

(a) Note other PPE required for the specific tasks listed in Tables 130.7(C)(9) and 130.7(C)(10), which includes arc-rated face shields or arc flash suit hoods, FR hardhat liners, safety glasses or safety goggles, hard hat, hearing protection, leather gloves, voltage-rated gloves, and voltage-rated tools. Arc rating for a garment is expressed in cal/cm2.
(b) The assumed short-circuit current capacities and fault clearing times for various tasks are listed in the text and notes to Table 130.7(C) (9). For tasks not listed or for power systems with greater than the assumed short-circuit capacity or with longer than the assumed fault clearing times, an arc flash hazard analysis is required in accordance with 130.3.
Visual Example of NFPA 70E® Annex H Simplified Two-Category PPE Approach